Pruning, Shaping, Stumping

Improve production and reduce water costs
Older groves with large trees use too much water, and fruit is typically concentrated at the top of the canopy where it is difficult to harvest. We offer a service that improves your yield and reduces water usage by pruning for better production, or stumping older trees for regrowth.

Depending upon your specific needs, trees can be shaped for visual appeal, production, or other considerations.

Shaping trees improves production, speeds harvesting
When Avocado trees have grown larger, and the foliage is dense, not only do they become harder to harvest, but the bees have less access to the blooms to polinate. When this happens, an otherwise productive tree will produce less fruit. The answer is to shape the trees and open them up so that the bees can get to the flowers, and so that picking crews can access the fruit.

Avocado trees regrow
When Avocado trees have been stumped, they begin to regrow and will begin producing fruit in about three years. This rejuvinated trees use a fraction of the water that older trees require, are easier to harvest, and will continue to produce lots of fruit for many years to come.


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