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Maximize Return and Property Value
We recognize your grove represents a substantial investment, and the objective is to maximize your return AND your property value.
A healthy grove not only produces income, but will increase the property value considerably. An unhealthy grove is a liability and will make a property more difficult to refinance or sell

Enjoy Years of Productivity.
We utilize a long-term approach to grove management. This is achieved by focusing on what is best for the grove over the long-term. Although improvements are typical the first growing season, careful management of groves ensures high quality production for years to come.

A Proven Track Record.
With over 40 years of grove management experience, Ochoa management has the knowledge and understanging that only a lifetime in the business can provide.

No Job Too Big, Too Small, or Too Challenging.
Ochoa Management is a full service company providing expertise in grove development, caretaking, and marketing services. With nearly 40 years of experience, Ochoa Management brings solid skills and a wide breadth of knowledge to your grove. We offer full service management as well as targeted services, depending on your need. Consulting services are available at reasonable rates.

Take Care of the Trees and They Will Take Care of You.
That's our philosophy at Ochoa Managenent. By giving each tree exactly what it needs, and harvesting the fruit only when it is ready, we assure the highest quality fruit, and the best possible income per acre.

Grove Optimization Service
With water rates high, it is not cost effective to keep every tree. Ochoa Grove Management offers a special program of grove thinning and sprinkler optimization to ensure that your trees are productive, and non-performing trees are removed to maximize return and minimize overhead. This program is effective for all sizes of grove. If you have two acres or two hundred, your bottom line can be dramtically improved by this optimization service. Call for a grove analysis today.

Don't have a grove but want the avocados? You can buy top quality California Avocados and have them delivered to your door!


$150 Grove Evaluations* for Real Estate Agents and Property Managers.

If you are a Real Estate Agent or Property Manager, and have a grove that you are unsure about, this service is perfect for you. We will evaluate the condition of the trees, the irrigation system, the soil and other factors that affect the value and sustainability of the grove. We will provide a report that includes detailed descriptions of the property and recommendations for any corrective action that may be needed to ensure the optimum value of the property.


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email us: rudy@ochoamanagement.com

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*Serving Fallbrook, Bonsall, Vista and North San Diego County.

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*Standard rates are $150/hr.